About Us

Autonomous Transportation Canada (ATC) is the only nationally incorporated not-for-profit association with a mandate to efficiently connect the expanding community of connected and autonomous transportation stakeholders.

Participating Members of ATC:

  • Share a vision of advancing the future of cities, infrastructure, and interconnected smart mobility with information sharing, effective decision-making and influence on policy.
  • Collaborate to share information and form business partnerships to leverage autonomous mobility opportunities with a lens on safety, security and sustainability.
  • Develop strategic alliances to facilitate coordination in: infrastructure; risk assessment; regulation; funding partnerships; investments; planning; and, policy for smart mobility.

This community brings together the following representatives:


  • Engineering firms, vehicle and parts manufacturers (auto, heavy-duty truck, transit, coach, rail, etc.), technology providers, urban planners, insurance, actuaries, transit providers, fleet and logistic companies, AI, IoT, blockchain and shared mobility businesses


  • Municipal, Provincial, Federal Government Ministries and Departments, municipality associations, urban planners, road safety, parking, standards, mobility policy and project staff


  • Advocates for smart cities, mobility, transit, transportation, connected vehicles, mobility on demand, pedestrian safety, urban planning and development, data security, clean tech, sustainability, Boards of Trade

Thought leadership in related fields

  • Academic institutions, researchers, engineers, urban planning, colleges and skills development organizations, urban planners, mobility advocates
  • Related trade associations in transportation, transit, traffic, roads, engineering, manufacturing, export/import, clean mobility, low-emissions, clean tech (electric, hydrogen), standards, pedestrian, traffic and active mobility

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