Prepare Together

Autonomous Transportation Canada was founded in 2019 to bring together leaders advancing the future of connected communities. Our start up year saw considerable success.

We are rethinking traditional forms of mobility and urban planning. As technology evolves, Canadian cities need to plan for the future of connected communities and automated vehicles. The current infrastructure isn’t ready and the transportation challenges of road safety, traffic congestion and rising emissions are increasing.

2019  – Year in Review

  • Established the need for this new national association
  • Developed a web and social media presence
  • Incorporated as the only national not-for-profit association in this sector with a founding Board of Directors
  • Launched in September 2019 at the CAV Canada 2019 event in Ottawa
  • Inaugural event held on Dec 2, 2019 with the Ahead of the Curve Conference in Toronto. Opened by the Deputy Mayor of Toronto and an internationally recognized Mobility as a service (MaaS) expert, and followed by speakers from range of related sectors: data, planning, transit, academia, government, insurance, legal, and consulting engineers.

In 2020 – Prepare Together

The theme of Autonomous Transportation Canada’s 2020 year of activities and growth is Prepare Together. The focus will be on education and information sharing to get cities ready for connected and autonomous transportation at the intersection of technology, data governance, societal issues and urban planning.

We’re planning to focus on this theme with our activities in the year ahead:

  • #PrepareTogether virtual event series in the fall of 2020
  • Sponsorship and stakeholder relationship building
  • Advocacy and awareness outreach

With Prepare Together we intend to:

  • Focus on getting cities and residents prepared for what is to come
  • Support communities as they plan for the opportunities and challenges of connected and autonomous transportation
  • Make Canada a leader

Accessibility and equity will be at the centre of it all, as the user’s acceptance and trust will be key to success.

We will hold events that convene the leaders advancing the future of connected communities:

  • Government: Cities, Provinces, Federal Government
  • Businesses
  • Colleges and universities
  • Public

Planning and information sharing needs to happen to Prepare Together to find solutions to the challenges facing:

  • Physical Infrastructure
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Insurers
  • Policy
  • Governance
  • Societal Risk

Autonomous Transportation Canada is bringing together the leaders who will Prepare Together for transportation systems that are safe, shared, accessible, sustainable and affordable for all Canadians. Join us in this journey!