Setting the course for Autonomous Transportation Canada

There are automotive technology, transportation and related emerging firms working on autonomous vehicles and new technologies, and in some instances, municipalities and government are working on their own Smart City projects, mostly as pilot projects and conceptual planning exercises. There is also a growing acceptance that pedestrians and streets need to be safer and be more efficient for all users. The disconnect is the disorganization of the entire ecosystem of those working in the mobility and urban planning sectors to address the need for better collaboration on the opportunities to work together with policy makers, regulation, and related industries.

The vision is to connect, in one forum, those in the autonomous transportation sector from business, industry, government, advocacy, and thought leaders, including academics. In doing so, those involved will facilitate strategic alliances, learn what is happening in related sectors and inform the future groundwork within which autonomous transportation technology, policy and infrastructure can succeed. Autonomous vehicle technologies are currently being developed, tested and introduced on our streets, but the wider question is how are we planning for the roll out, and in a broader way preparing for the future of better interconnectivity of all modes of travel for streets safer for all users.

That’s why Autonomous Transportation Canada is being founded: to efficiently connect the expanding community of connected and autonomous vehicle stakeholders who share the goal of advancing the future of cities, transportation infrastructure, and interconnected mobility.

It’s an ambitious undertaking, and the first steps of this association will set the foundation of the influential organization Autonomous Transportation Canada will become. All those who want to help shape the future are welcome.