Prepare Together Virtual Event Series on Data: Opportunities in Data Governance and Interoperability

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Autonomous Transportation Canada is looking at the potential for future connected and autonomous transportation as we continue with our theme Prepare Together with a series of 3 one-hour virtual events focused on data:

  1. March 25, 2021 – Opportunities in Data Governance and Interoperability
  2. Late April – Risks in Data – Mitigating Cybersecurity and Threats
  3. Early June – Good Data Governance in Action – Success Stories of where a data framework is being well planned and put into action

The first in the data series was focused on Opportunities in Data Governance and Interoperability

Thursday March 25, 2021 – 11:00am-12:00pm Eastern Time


Prepare Together Virtual Event Series on Data: Opportunities in Data Governance and Interoperability 1

Rohit Shanker, the CEO of Inovex Inc

Rohit Shanker is the CEO of Inovex Inc., a cloud solutions company that enables data collection, systems integration, analytics and dashboarding for fleet management. Inovex specializes in developing custom software solutions for the healthcare, energy and transportation sectors, and is focussed on developing solutions strategy, and engineering web and mobile applications that integrate real-time telematics data with enterprise planning tools in order to optimize operations, meet green energy targets, and increase workforce efficiencies.

Rohit earned his Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Toronto, and the P.Eng. designation in the Province of Ontario.

Rohit’s vision is to build outstanding companies with amazing people that engineer purposeful products and deliver incredible customer service.

Inovex Inc

Prepare Together Virtual Event Series on Data: Opportunities in Data Governance and Interoperability 2

Francois Bédard, Ville Proactive
Senior Advisor, Innovation with a focus on Digital Identity, Plan B Developpement Inc.

François is passionate about digital identity, content and sustainable innovation for Smart Municipalities with a Citizen focus. He has many hats in the connected content industry and is an expert for the development of digital product roadmap services. Cumulating more than 25 years in strategic planning and account management in the digital media industry and funded Plan B Développement Inc & Associates in 2009, he is a senior advisor in Innovation, supervises multidisciplinary teams and is always looking for new sources of income for his client partner.

He is active in the transport electrification industry in the area of connected services as well as in the smart buildings sector. Francois and his team collaborate with CISCO, Microsoft, WILLOW and Olli from Local Motors under

He is actively involved with clients such as DIACC, NUMANA, the city of Montreal, Casino de Montreal, LEMAY, Groupe Alphard, Local Motors, Bombardier Transport, Morelli Design, Samsung Canada Smart. Author of a thesis on the Economy of Connected Applications in February 2013 at the request of the Quebec Ministry of Finance.

Ville Proactive

Prepare Together Virtual Event Series on Data: Opportunities in Data Governance and Interoperability 3

Michael Godfrey, WGD Consulting
Chief Technology Officer, WGD Consulting

Michael Godfrey has a demonstrated history of designing and implementing technologies for projects in the transportation sector. A Professional Engineer of Ontario, graduating from Waterloo University, Michael has led teams throughout his career to deploy complex and innovative systems and solutions in some of the largest infrastructure projects around the world. In the early 00’s Michael and his team developed and integrated the first IP based CCTV cameras in Heathrow, Frankfurt, Zurich, and Toronto Pearson Terminal 1 airports. Michael then began focusing on the technology and communication systems being used in transit and rail. He worked for TTC and then SNC Lavalin on the Confederation line in Ottawa and Eglinton LRT.

Recently, Michael founded WGD Consulting focused on transportation, looking to bridge the engineering experience with the implementation and integration of systems and securing them against threats and vulnerabilities. As systems become more complex and connected in Infrastructure, Cyber Security and safety becomes paramount to the safety and security of the public. Currently, WGD is working on several of the largest infrastructure projects in Ontario providing overall systems integration advisory services, and developing the cyber security governance and controls for those project delivery teams.

WGD Consulting


Prepare Together Virtual Event Series on Data: Opportunities in Data Governance and Interoperability 4

Arif Rafiq

Industry Manager, Transportation, Esri Canada, and Board Member, Autonomous Transportation Canada

Focusing on advising customers on how to use geographic information system (GIS) technology and location intelligence to improve all areas of transportation management.
Arif K. Rafiq is the Transportation Industry Manager for Esri Canada. His efforts are focused on advising customers how to use GIS technology to improve all areas of transportation management, specifically highways, public transit, aviation, marine, rail, freight and logistics. As a global transportation management systems specialist, Arif has significant experience managing highway infrastructure around the world. Exploring our vast planet with all its cultures and beauty has a been a major part of his life; he believes that the only thing you can buy that will make you richer is travel.

Prepare Together Virtual Event Series on Data: Opportunities in Data Governance and Interoperability 5

Maureen Shuell,

Founder and Executive Director, Autonomous Transportation Canada, and COO, Electric Mobility Canada

With a background in communications with political and not-for-profit organizations, including 12 years leading communications for the Canadian Urban Transit Association, in 2012, she founded RendezVous Communications focusing on supporting clients with media and government relations; issues management; and, not-for-profit management with a lens on the sustainable mobility, infrastructure and clean technology sectors, and led to her position as COO of Electric Mobility Canada in 2020.
Early in 2019, after extensive industry consultations, Maureen identified the need for a holistic approach and coordination of the emerging connected, automated, shared and electric (CASE) mobility sector. There was a disconnect among industry leaders with respect to the broader infrastructure framework of this fast-growing autonomous transportation ecosystem. This led to the founding of Autonomous Transportation Canada and its launch in September 2019 as the only nationally incorporated not-for-profit association with a mandate to efficiently connect the expanding community of connected and autonomous transportation stakeholders.