Prepare Together Virtual Event on Trust, Accessibility and Customer Experiences

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Autonomous Transportation Canada is looking at the potential for future connected and autonomous transportation as we continue with our 2020 virtual event series under the theme, Prepare Together.

Prepare Together 2020 Virtual Event Series

  • To Prepare Together for better mobility and urban planning
  • To focus on education and information sharing as we get ready for connected and autonomous transportation at the intersection of technology, data governance and urban planning.

Trust, Accessibility and Customer Experiences with Autonomous Transportation

This virtual event will explore recent research on Canadians’ confidence in autonomous transportation; consider accessibility and equity issues in planning for all road users; and, review the reactions of those who were the first in Canada to take part in on-the-road autonomous transportation trials as customers.

Friday November 20, 2020 – 11:00am-12:00pm Eastern Time

The web link to join event will be shared by confirmation email with those registered prior to the event.


Prepare Together Virtual Event on Trust, Accessibility and Customer Experiences 1

Brady Curlew, PhD, Chief Analyst, Mobility Services, Environics Research

At Environics Research, Brady Curlew oversees a team of analysts, researchers and consultants that provide data-driven insights to key players in the transportation industry, from transit agencies to automotive OEMs to policy makers at multiple levels of government. The Environics team offers advanced intelligence for understanding public perception and confidence in the changing worlds of automobiles, public transportation, ride sharing, vehicle electrification and autonomous mobility in Canada.

Brady will share findings from recent research that Environics conducted for Transport Canada examining Canadians’ awareness of and confidence in automated vehicles, highlighting the perceived advantages and repeated points of skepticism raised by citizens and consumers.

Brady brings 16 years of experience in public perception research in both academic and business settings, with a focus on transportation and mobility since 2014.

Environics Research

Prepare Together Virtual Event on Trust, Accessibility and Customer Experiences 2

Lui Greco, Manager Regulatory Affairs, the CNIB Foundation

Lui has been with CNIB since 2011. He first joined the organization as Director Government Relations and Advocacy with the Atlantic Canada Region. Since then, he has worked with the organization in Alberta and now back in Halifax working with various files within the federal government.

In his current role, he prepares briefs and interventions with the goal of influencing public policy so that the needs of Canadians with sight loss are reflected in regulatory and legislative decisions.

Prior to joining the CNIB Foundation, he was the Assistant Executive Director for the New Brunswick Premier’s Council on the Status of Disabled Persons. He has also held various roles with international consulting firms as a software analyst and software developer.

In 2019, Lui co-authored CNIB’s first report on connected autonomous vehicles providing recommendations to transportation stakeholders as to the opportunities which exist on realizing the promise of enhanced mobility for Canadians who are blind.

Lui has been blind all his life providing him with a foundation and understanding of the opportunities and challenges that exist in realizing the promise of enhanced mobility afforded through autonomous vehicles.

CNIB Foundation

Prepare Together Virtual Event on Trust, Accessibility and Customer Experiences 3

Dan Finley, VP Corporate Services, Pacific Western Transportation

Dan Finley has been a member of the Pacific Western Transportation (PWT) Executive Team since 2012 and has led the organization in a variety of functions such as HR, Operations, Business Development, Communications, Government Relations, Process Improvement and Advancing Transportation Technology. He has developed and implemented the On-Demand strategy at PWT and has led the implementation of multiple operations. He has built and grown operations teams to support significant transportation programs across the organization and leads the Autonomous Vehicles, Electrification of Fleet and Alternative Fuel projects at PWT.

Pacific Western Transportation


Prepare Together Virtual Event on Trust, Accessibility and Customer Experiences 4

Arif Rafiq

Industry Manager, Transportation, Esri Canada, and Board Member, Autonomous Transportation Canada

Focusing on advising customers on how to use geographic information system (GIS) technology and location intelligence to improve all areas of transportation management.
Arif K. Rafiq is the Transportation Industry Manager for Esri Canada. His efforts are focused on advising customers how to use GIS technology to improve all areas of transportation management, specifically highways, public transit, aviation, marine, rail, freight and logistics. As a global transportation management systems specialist, Arif has significant experience managing highway infrastructure around the world. Exploring our vast planet with all its cultures and beauty has a been a major part of his life; he believes that the only thing you can buy that will make you richer is travel.

Prepare Together Virtual Event on Trust, Accessibility and Customer Experiences 5

Maureen Shuell,

Founder and Executive Director, Autonomous Transportation Canada, and COO, Electric Mobility Canada

With a background in communications with political and not-for-profit organizations, including 12 years leading communications for the Canadian Urban Transit Association, in 2012, she founded RendezVous Communications focusing on supporting clients with media and government relations; issues management; and, not-for-profit management with a lens on the sustainable mobility, infrastructure and clean technology sectors, and led to her new position as COO of Electric Mobility Canada.
Early in 2019, after extensive industry consultations, Maureen identified the need for a holistic approach and coordination of the emerging connected, automated, shared and electric (CASE) mobility sector. There was a disconnect among industry leaders with respect to the broader infrastructure framework of this fast-growing autonomous transportation ecosystem. This led to the founding of Autonomous Transportation Canada and its launch in September 2019 as the only nationally incorporated not-for-profit association with a mandate to efficiently connect the expanding community of connected and autonomous transportation stakeholders.